2015 Grammys

It’s a good job that people get Grammys for musical hits because there were a LOT of fashion misses on the carpet. I can count on one hand how many people I actually liked, so the best dressed list was really easy to put together. The worst dressed list was basically everyone else there, so that was pretty easy too. It was a very tame and pretty boring Grammys overall, my highlight being Jay Z’s reaction to Kanye storming the stage again. FYI, Kanye had never even listened to Beck’s album, that is how much of a moron that man is. Anyway…the clothes.

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Golden Globes 2015

I LOVE Awards season. It’s the second best time of year, Christmas being the best.

The first major awards night we’ve had so far is the Golden Globes. I stayed up to watch E!Live from the Red Carpet and it was so worth it. There wasn’t anything spectacular or that would make you choke on your cup of tea, but it was worth it. Here’s my thoughts on the red carpet anyway!

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